Who we are

GA-Finance is an independent aircraft lessor specialised in regional aircraft, a niche market in the aviation industry. Over more than 10 years of experience in this highly specialised market the GA-Finance team has built an aircraft leasing company active as service provider in aircraft leasing and asset lease management.

Aircraft leasing

Operating leases provide airlines with a flexible solution to finance their fleets at competitive cost of capital. The aircraft leasing industry is a rapidly growing business and increasingly provides airlines with fleet solutions. Also regional airlines have found their way to lessors, the number of regional aircraft owned by lessor's is growing rapidly. In the markets for regional aircraft GA-Finance is active as lessor by acquiring aircraft and providing operating leases to its airline clients.

Lease Management

With a track record as investor in regional aircraft, GA-Finance has hands on experience of investing in regional aircraft. Fully capable of managing lease transactions, from initiating lease negotiations through the delivery and redelivery process of aircraft, GA-Finance offers asset lease management in a service package for regional aircraft invested funds. Through consistent delivery of agreed services combined with a commitment to maximise to bottom-line result for the investor GA-Finance takes care of the execution of the agreed fund strategy. GA-Finance calls this Integrated Aircraft Portfolio Management.

Investment strategy

GA-Finance’s business case is built on assets and projects in the regional aviation space that produce a long term stable stream of revenues. This profile allows the application of asset finance techniques in structuring investment propositions, which are designed for a buy and hold philosophy. GA-Finance strives to build long term relationships with clients and business partners.